Review Garnier Mythic Olive Ultimate Blends

March brings the wonderful season of Spring to England and I simply adore this period of new-ness but I do not adore dehydrated hair! 

When you have a chronic illness you spend large amounts (sometimes all) of your day indoors with the heating on. This is so destructive to your skin and hair. 

I may be a sick girl but I still want to look super hot! 
I can not let my "you don't look sick" brigade down now can I?

My skin is super as Liz Earle looks after that department, she has done for many years. My hair needs extra love as central heating, winter, chemical abuse has left its toll. 

Many products have failed me until one and this wonderful find has to be shared. 

Garnier Mythic Olive Ultimate Blends claims to be a weightless nourisher for dried out hair and it certainly lived up to its claim. Hair products that nourish usually leave my hair coated and heavy, I do not like this feeling as it just looks flat. Sexy hair needs a bounce!

Mythic Olive is superb for moisturising. After the first application, my hair feels rejuvenated. 

The foundation of any great hair styling always starts with a thorough wash, picking the right shampoo is essential. The shampoo is clear, this is always a good sign with me, squeaky clean and super shiny. It creates a great lather and leaves the washing stage not too dry and tangled. Fibro hair is so painful when it is dry so I was thankful the conditioner was super rich and creamy. The last two inches of my hair no longer feel parched and coarse. 

This is definitely my choice to carry me through till summer sun as no other shampoo and conditioner have achieved such reliable results. No products can permanently alter the natural state of my hair, I allowed chemicals to do that during the "Pink hair stage" but this one has dramatically improved its appearance and manageability and that is good enough for me.

Let me know what you think of this product if you give it a go.

Love and gentle hugs.

Ness xx

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