Valentines for under £10

I am a firm believer that showing someone you love them should be EVERY DAY not simply on Valentines day. As I wear my heart upon my sleeve this is easy for me. I live my life daily within an Emily Bronte style romantic utopia, always have. 

Valentines day for me is simply a day for florists to charge stupid prices for roses. I detest people paying more for things in the name of love.

With this in mind, I have collected some easily obtainable tokens of love all under £10 

Every city/town has a Tesco & Asda so this was my choice for purchases. 

If you are feeling extra creative why not mix and match a few of the cheaper ones and create a mini love hamper. Add some bubble bath, some hot chocolate sachets or herbal tea and a nice pair of snuggle socks. 

Gifts from TESCO all under £10


Gifts are sweet but Valentines day is all about flowers really isn't it?

Well no not really but many believe it has to be a dozen red roses. If you want to buy flowers don't be led to believe that you have to purchase florist flowers and that they must be roses. There is nothing prettier than a selection of mixed flower.

Buying roses on Valentines is all about a man in prison. A nasty Emperor wanted all the single men for soldiers so he said they could not get married. A young priest called Valentine ignored this ruling and, as a result, was sent to prison. Whilst in prison he was visited regularly by the jailers daughter, fell in love, was sentenced to death and so sent her a note signed "From your Valentine"

How romantic for us to now celebrate some poor man's death?

The flower association is nothing to do with Valentine, it is a celebration of fertility festival celebrations. Charles II some Swedish geezer in the eighteenth century made the custom of sending bouquets of flowers to loved ones.

Each flower has a meaning so it is a nonverbal gesture.
Want to know what each flower means? Read HERE

So really you do not need to be a sheep and buy RED ROSES. I always find a bunch of red roses is so boring.

Look how pretty this selection of are.
All bought in a supermarket and for under £10

If you want to make them look fancy simply go to a card shop and buy a sheet of wrapping paper, remove the shop film and re-wrap them with the pretty wrapping paper.
Now they look like a bunch from the florist!

Some of the most romantic things are priceless.
I would rather have a man that loved me with real, genuine love 365 days a year. A man that made me feel loved through his actions than a man spend money on the biggest bunch of roses just so I could post a picture on Instagram. That is not real love, it is fake social media bull @#$%&!

Happy Valentines to all my readers and if you are single, buy your own flowers!
You should start loving yourself more.

Love, laughter and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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