Memories and dancing

Memorable moments are priceless. While out shopping yesterday morning with the sons a song was playing on the speakers as we shopped. This song always reminds me of my happiest days with the little boys Dad and always breaks my heart hearing it.

Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 

Number 5 seeing my pensive mood said, "What is wrong Mummy?" 

"This song darling, reminds me of your Dad in our happy days we used to dance to it and he would sing it to me" was my reply.

Instantly in the isles of Home and Bargain my age 8 grabbed my hand and we danced.

Not a care in the world, not a care that my legs were damaged and sore and not a care that big brother number 3 was giving us "looks to kill" at what we were doing in public.

After our dance and shopping I struggled to walk that evening but I would swap a weeks load of energy for that one memory.

Children always seem to have a beautiful magical way to turn sadness into smiles and keep you going stronger. They are my daily "kiss better" even days they do not realise they do it.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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