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46 things about me (besides Fibromyalgia)

My birthday was last weekend and I am now the beautiful age of forty-six. I remember in my teens thinking that age was really old, if not ancient. Now I feel differently about it, obviously. 
I have already written a blog 45 things I wish I had known when I was younger so I can not do that again. I enjoy doing this kind of blog as it gives a deeper insight into you as a person.  With this in mind I have come up with a list of forty-six things about me besides Fibromyalgia. I could have gone on to over a hundred as it is such a fun thing to do. 
My favourite cake is carrot cake but the proper stuff with walnuts in, I get so confused by some of the stuff people sell in coffee shops and have the audacity to call it carrot cake.I used to collect vintage tea cups but had to sell them all due to space.My favourite colours are green and pink.My favourite film is Forrest Gump.The most painful thing I have ever endured was childbirth with my last son it was truly horrific.I have been single no…
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Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #20

Although today is my birthday I feel there are a million other things to catch up on besides simply sharing my birthday joys so I will do a mid-week blog about the birthday. 
September already has been so full of changes to our family. I am trying to come to terms with each new change and look for the wonderful magic, but they have left me a little emotional. 
Each morning I wave off my youngest two on their walk to school and my heart aches as they both look so old. My Mum always warned me that children grow so fast and like most things I never listened. Being Mum and Dad to these two is an honour, they are funny sons and every day they seem to make me proud. 

Maybe it is being a more mature mother now?  Maybe it is because their father died and I am the sole carer? Maybe it is that fibromyalgia makes me think way too much as I now have the time?
Who knows but I feel their childhood is like a fast running sand in an hourglass and I am helpless to stop its speed. 

I really do need to …

Fibromyalgia Guest Blog Vikki Patis Fibromyalgia and Pilates

Vikki Patis is an avid blogger, book reviewer, and author. By day, she works in the regulatory department for a medical supplies company; by night, she runs The Bandwagon blog, writing about everything from fiction to feminism to fibromyalgia, and writes for a host of sites, including The Mighty and Elephant Journal. Her short story collection, Weltanschauung, is available on Amazon. How I Use Pilates To Help With Fibromyalgia

Followers of my blog, The Bandwagon, will know my journey of coming to terms with having fibromyalgia. I believe that my symptoms started 8 years ago, but I wasn’t formally diagnosed until last May.

In the months preceding my diagnosis, I was at my lowest. I was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and preparing to give up. I considered quitting my job, despite the financial hardship that would follow, and, at one point, I even contemplated suicide. That’s how bad it got. The pain, the fatigue, my constant companions, were dragging me down. I struggled to get…

Fibromyalgia helped me to become fat and happy

Autumn always makes me think and evaluate who I am as a woman. I have never really discovered why I do this during this season but I only assume it is my hippy nature and I like to shed and grow like trees do.
Since Fibromyalgia I have changed. Physically and emotionally I have grown.

Fibromyalgia helped me to become fat and happy and for that, I do feel blessed.
I wrote a blog about Weight gain, dieting and Fibromyalgia back in 2015 and my views on this remain today. Being curvy, chubby and fat is not something to add to the stress and strain of your day. Yes, it is beneficial to health to be within certain parameters but if getting within that range involves for me many factors of life that are detrimental to health such as starving, smoking, stress, depression then give me fat and happy always!
As a woman, I eat healthily, do not drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs so I am proud of who I am and it is nothing to be ashamed of that I have more to cuddle.
Stand in front of the bathroo…

Fibromyalgia friendly clothes Denim Jeans for comfort

Why this series of blogs?
I love pretty clothes yet when you have fibromyalgia clothes don't necessarily like you, so you need to start looking for modifications to your wardrobe. Just because we have an illness it does not stop our desire to look good.
Pretty fibro friendly clothes are all about the items that catch my eye and match some of the requirements that I now need. I hope to inspire my readers if they are looking for something comfortable.
First and foremost I detest shopping for clothes so if you are like me then this is the blog series for you. I know what I like and what shops are accommodating with what I look for in clothes. Most of the things I will be sharing will be from UK high street shops and all to suit my budget. Most of these shops will now ship abroad and if not then still read on and follow the series as I am sure it does us all good just to look at someone else's perspective on clothes. I have often read blogs and been inspired by a look without purch…

Reminding health professionals we are not all the same.

Just had one of them irritating phone calls that make you really feel like a good rant down the phone. I tried to explain but could see I was getting nowhere so gave up... Had a cup of tea and thought, No! Ness does not simply give up so I wrote a letter to the manager so someone else with a chronic illness that fluctuates from day to day should not be blighted with the same high pitch sickly sweet sassiness. Humans are not all the same so one approach for all can sod right off.

It all started when I woke this morning and felt like I had been in a fight with two men with bats then finished off by a bus. It happens, all part of life with Fibromyalgia and I am used to it now. So rang the dentist one minute after they open and explained my dilemma so I would be unable to attend my appointment at 4 pm. No way, not even with Speedy would I have the energy and pain relief to get there. The receptionist became all condescending sassy and caught me in the wrong decade of life. Pre fibro I wou…

Fibromyalgia, bleeding gums and Vitamin D

If you have Fibromyalgia like I do then chances are you may also be deficient in Vitamin D. This vitamin ensures that the body can absorb calcium and phosphorus from food. A deficiency of this vitamin is, therefore, detrimental to the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Bleeding gums? It can indicate a vitamin D deficiency.

Swollen and bleeding gums are early signs that your gums are infected with bacteria. If nothing is done, the infection can spread. Bacteria cause the gums to swell, redden, and bleed. The connective tissue holding the teeth into the jaw bone may become damaged. It can destroy the structures that support your teeth in your jawbone. Eventually, your teeth can become so loose that they have to be extracted or simply fall out on their own.

Over the years I have tried almost everything to prevent bleeding gums. I regularly take my Vit D supplements from the doctor and yet nothing seems to work so I was delighted to be given this toothpaste by my dentist. Corsodylis speci…