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Debunking a Fibromyalgia social media selfie

I have a passion for keeping life with fibromyalgia real so I have decided to debunk a recent social media selfie. Debunking is simply a way to show the truth behind a situation. 
I always grab a selfie on a decent day and use it on my social media. I get a few likes and it keeps the confidence levels up, but the reality of one image needs to have a light shone on it simply to show what fibromyalgia is really like. 
For me to have a day out with my sons it needs planning. I can't pinpoint an exact day as you can never predict how you are feeling from one moment to the next. During school holidays I always promise the boys I will take them to our home city and so far I have managed to keep this promise. 
Monday I decided to try and plan for Friday so during the week I got lots of couch/bed rest and tried to focus on balancing pain for Friday. I tried this last week and had to abandon it as I simply couldn't manage it. 
Following a day out I always go into a flare so I need to …

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